INDELA Optioneering Model

Indela Optioneer is a cloud based decision making tool incorporating an advanced sensitivity analysis engine enabling risks to be modelled and managed in order to yield profit maximised outcomes. The Indela Optioneer tool powers the decision making process at three distinct levels:

• Policy
• Strategy
• Technology

The Indela Optioneer Value Proposition: Quantify The Triple Bottom Line

Key features of the model:
  Indela Optioneer is a cloud based hosted solution which enables users to embed sustainability into project design and delivery, whether the entity has been previously tracking its environmental and social impacts or not.
  Indela Optioneer meshes traditional financial modelling with environmental and social cost benefit analysis to quantify the triple bottom line or find the sweet spot where profit, environment and people meet.
  Indela Optioneer provides real time modelling and sensitivity analysis. Indela’s powerful cloud based optioneering engine (‘what if’ modelling) provides the processing capacity which cannot be run from a standard desktop based PC.
  Indela Optioneer ensures all costs and benefits are assigned a monetary value. In the absence of established pricing (example carbon pricing), monetised estimates are provided;
  Indela Optioneer enables organisations to model and manage risk by putting a dollar value on the impacts caused directly by their organisation;
  Indela Optioneer enables ‘impacts’ to be assessed indirectly via the supply chain. Indela's approach provides the most efficient way to plan for future enhanced environmental performance of an organisation;
  All data is validated by qualified cost estimators such as our partner Trucost™, and or our own analysts and economists;
Risk Assessment
Cost Benefit
Sensitivity Analysis